House keeping

An ambient working environment ensures that the people working there are most productive.

Swasti is committed to guaranteeing a safe and secure working environment to all clients. We have invested in state of the art house-keeping infrastructure such as:

  • Efficient and noise-free equipment for indoor premises cleaning, vacuuming
  • Equipment for outdoor maintenance lawn-movers, sprinklers
  • Maintenance equipment that incorporate operator safety and hazard protection
Types of Housekeeping we do:
  • Residential house keeping

  • Hotel house keeping

  • Corporate house keeping

  • Office house keeping

  • Commercial house keeping

  • Industrial house keeping

All our housekeeping are designed to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness through Innovative approaches and integration of trained resources, state of art equipment, eco friendly cleaning products and proven processes.

Services Standards Classification:

Swasti believes in matching cleanliness standards in housekeeping to the ultimate end use of the premises. In common work areas, the emphasis is on cleanliness, whereas in certain other areas, the emphasis is on hygiene. Swasti has accordingly designed three categories of services:

Universal Standard

Applies to general work areas, where the emphasis is to maintain them in standard cleanliness and accessibility levels. Areas which fall under this category would include common office areas, utility zones, fire exits, stairways, parking zones and external areas.

Business Standard

Applies to important corporate work areas, where the emphasis is high standard of cleanliness and visual appeal. Areas falling under this category include boardrooms, senior management sections, etc.

Health-safety Standard

Applies to areas where hygiene and sterile environment is the emphasis. Toilets, cafeterias/pantry, vending areas, first aid rooms/medical centres, fall under this category.