Swasti models

Our Business Model

Our business model gives us the flexibility to work with all entities who are accountable for facilities management:

  • Property Management Consultants of IT Parks

  • Resident Welfare Associations of residential apartments, gated communities

  • Operations and Maintenance departments of hotels, hospitals


Working Process Models

All our engagement contracts are driven by a well-defined scope of services, with contract durations decided on mutual consent between Swasti and the client.
Our Working Plan
Quality Assurance - PDCA Model
Quality Assurance

Who works with us…???


Our valued service for the corporate sectors includes:

Industries, Hospitals, It Companies, Hotels, Shopping Malls and more to list out.


Our service for Educational Institutions includes:

Engineering Colleges, Medical Colleges, Universities, Training Institutes and so on.


Our service for Government Sector includes:

Govt. Buildings, Govt. Offices, Govt. Resource Centers, Govt. Public Work Undertakings, Railway Stations, Airports, Ship Yards and Ports.